Pour a perfect black and tan with a turtle

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Lagerhead black and tanBr?t?l (brew tool) sells this fun looking “Lagerhead” turtle tool to help you pour a perfect black and tan at home. For the uninitiated, a black and tan is a combination of light and dark beer in which the dark beer floats on top of the light beer in the glass.

The classic black and tan is Guinness and Bass but just about any combination of light and dark brews will work. Br?t?l offers several black and tan “recipes” on their site, as well as the story of black and tan.

While you can probably achieve the same results with a spoon, the Lagerhead is only 10 bucks and is much cooler looking than a spoon. Plus it has a bottle opener built in. Maybe they’ll send us one to test and we’ll let you know how it works.

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