Sam Adams recalls beer because of glass shards

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This is a little late but Sam Adams announced last month that they are voluntarily recalling some of their beer because it could contain glass shards. They discovered during a routine inspection that some of their bottles were defective.

During a routine bottle inspection at one of our breweries, we detected possible defects in a small percentage of bottles resulting in the random presence of bits of glass, most the size of grains of sand, but some small slivers in some bottles as well. Based on this sample, we quickly began testing bottles of Samuel Adams at all of our breweries and identified that the problem appeared to be isolated to a single glass plant of the five that supply us.

We assembled a panel of food safety, medical and packaging experts including a medical doctor who have thoroughly evaluated the samples. People who bite or swallow a fragment could possibly be injured. While the possibility of injury to an individual consumer is very low, we do know that the risk is not zero, so we are voluntarily recalling all products in bottles from this specific glass plant that we believe could possibly be affected. While we believe that the number of bottles that actually contain glass is significantly less than 1% of the bottles we are recalling, we are taking this measure to protect the safety of our drinkers.

Bottle codeThe affected bottles have “N35” embossed on them. Bottles with other codes are safe. Sam Adams has set up a page where you can get more info and find out what to do if you have some of the recalled bottles.

Kudos to Sam Adams for not only finding this problem, but moving aggressively to correct it. There have been a lot of recalls in the news lately in which companies wouldn’t recall defective products until the government forced them to.

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