Samuel Adams rewards bars and restaurants with “Perfect Pour” certification

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Jim Koch, founder of The Boston Beer Company
Jim Koch, Founder & Brewer at Samuel Adams

Even the best beer can be ruined by improperly maintained draft systems, bad pours, and improper glassware. This can leave a customer with a bad impression of a good beer and it is completely beyond the brewery’s control.

Samuel Adams, arguably the most successful brand in the craft beer industry, has?announced?a new program aimed at ensuring their beer is properly served every time. “Perfect Pour” certification recipients must educate their staff on beer and draft quality, serve ?Boston Lager on draft using the special Boston Lager Glass, and consistently serve fresh, high-quality beer.

It’s obvious that the folks at Samuel Adams understand the importance of educating those that serve beer in addition to those that drink it. ?The Cicerone Certification Program aims to do this as well but it’s nice to see a brewery taking the initiative because everyone benefits from the effort.

Here’s the press release:

The brewers at Samuel Adams take quality seriously and strive to bring the best craft beer possible to their drinkers. ?To help maintain that level of quality once the beer leaves the brewery, Samuel Adams is rewarding bars & restaurants across the country that go the extra mile in giving their customers an extraordinary beer with the ?Perfect Pour? certification.
For the last 25 years, Jim Koch and the brewers at Samuel Adams have been traveling the world to hand select the finest ingredients to use in brewing Samuel Adams beers. Their hands-on involvement from ingredient selection through the entire brewing process ensures the care and attention to detail needed to make quality beer. ?To this day, Jim still tastes every batch of beer brewed at Samuel Adams to make sure it meets his expectations. ?And those standards are still held high after the beer leaves the brew house. ?In 1988, Jim introduced the concept of readable freshness dating on all Samuel Adams bottles so that consumers would always have a fresh beer. ?Today, Samuel Adams remains the only brewer with a cooperative program with its distributors to buy back its beer when it?s past its peak freshness date. ?To take the beer drinking experience to the next level, Jim introduced the Samuel Adams Boston Lager? Pint Glass to beer drinkers in 2007. ?The glass was the first of its kind, specifically designed to showcase the beer as the brewers intended, delivering the optimum full-flavored taste and aroma of Samuel Adams Boston Lager?.
With all of the quality measures in place at Samuel Adams, the brewery wanted to reward bars & restaurants that take the same pride in providing their customers with a high quality experience when it comes to enjoying craft beer. ?Samuel Adams is helping its accounts achieve this goal by holding wait staff training sessions, demonstrating how to pour the perfect pint and ensuring that the beer is fresh and the draft lines are clean.
In order to qualify for the ?Perfect Pour? certification, an account must allow Samuel Adams sales people to educate their staff on beer and draft quality, serve Samuel Adams Boston Lager on draft, use the special Samuel Adams Boston Lager Pint Glass for all Samuel Adams Boston Lager poured and consistently serve fresh, high-quality beer.
?The brewers at Samuel Adams want their drinkers to enjoy a perfect pint of beer every time. Recognizing bars and restaurants that strive to serve one every single pour helps drinkers find the best craft beer available,? said Jim Koch, Founder & Brewer at Samuel Adams.
Bars and restaurants that are recognized with the ?Samuel Adams Perfect Pour? certification will receive:
  • A tap handle medallion to be affixed to the Samuel Adams Boston Lager tap handle in the account
  • A framed and personalized letter from Jim Koch, Brewer and Founder of Samuel Adams
  • Rights to feature the Perfect Pour medallion on all custom Point-of-Sale

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