Social media and the culture of beer

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Beer Utopia wallpaper is available in the Downloads section
Beer Utopia wallpaper is available in the Downloads section

Not long ago Chipper Dave set the interwebs abuzz by suggesting that Twitter might replace the pub as the sour economy keeps more people home. The fact that there was such a strong reaction, both positive and negative, indicates that the idea struck a chord with a lot of people.

Let’s take the discussion a step further. How do you, the readers/viewers of Beer Utopia and especially those under 30, use the Internet in general and social networking specifically to tap into the Culture of Beer? Do you use tweet while you drink to let your friends know about the incredible microbrew you’ve found? Do you use Facebook to arrange meet-ups at the pub? Do you Digg good home brew recipes? Do you stumble good beer sites? Beer is best when shared with friends but does that extend to the web?

Please be social and share your thoughts in the comments. Your comments may even be used in an upcoming article in Yankee Brew News about craft beer drinkers using the web to share their love of craft beer and socialize with other beer drinkers.

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