Subsequent to the lunacy the Perfect stout (A geek field tasting Beer)

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Following about ten days of malicious and extraordinary insanity, my wife and I were finally able get a hold a moment where we could relax. My beautiful bride had the joyous and uncanny idea of visiting my favorite pub, Gaslight Brewery. The Gaslight, as we call it, is located a block northeast of the South Orange train station and west of Scotland Avenue. It’s a big place with a very good selection of bottled Belgian beers, German beers, ciders, and meads. The pub is a minuscule stroll from my favorite Comic Book store, so it?s fundamentally ideal!

We ordered the fish-n-chips that day, which I had with the pub’s Bulldog Blonde, a Golden or Blonde Ale. It is one of their standards, but a very good brew. It has a fantastic golden color with a slight sweetness to it, lightly malty, with a small hoppy taste and a great light aroma. A good starter but not the star of the evening.

My second beer for the evening, the beer that brought a tear to my eye, that actually lived up to its name was Gaslights Perfect Stout. It?s a Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout and here is what I think of it.

Smell after brought to table– There was just a great aroma which had a great hoppiness to it without being overpowering.

Appearance– This was just a really good looking stout. It was as black as a moonless cloudy night sky, with a nice dense contrasting nitro head on the top. A perfect Guinness commercial pales in comparison to the sight of this beer.

Taste and mouth feel– The taste, OMG! It was that good. This beer was a silky smooth wonder, with this astonishing coffee and malt flavor with subtle molasses sweetness to it and the texture made it embracing.

Alcohol: This beer was subtle in it?s alcohol, I could drink it all night.

Pairings: Pairing with food, well this is a hard one for me, I would like this with roast chicken and some steamed veggies and if with a dessert, a piece of Coffee Cake or a Chocolate Cheese Cake would work for me.

Comic Pairings: I would Pair this with DC comics: Final Crisis : Revalations Written by Greg Rucka; Art by Philip Tan, Jeff De Los Santos and Jonathan Glapion; Covers by Philip Tan. In issue #1 With the end of creation nigh, Crispus Allen must embrace his role as The Spectre by exacting God’s vengeance on some of the DC Universe’s most vile sinners. But even as Allen struggles with his duty, a new threat is arising ? one that only his former partner, Renee Montoya, a.k.a. The Question, can help him fight! And in issue #2 The Question’s been marked for death by The Spectre! How will Renee escape the grasp of the Spirit of Vengeance? Can either of them stop the immortal Vandal Savage once he has the Spear of Destiny? Plus, the return of Batwoman! A dark book with smooth art, goes great with this Perfect Stout.

Drinkability ? This beer made me shed a tear, I believe, it was so good, so familiar and overwhelmingly full of flavor. This stout, I held, made me so wide eyed and hopeful. I now barely remember any stout that came before this precious moment, all the past stouts I drank were but illusions. I give my compliment to the brew master.

Yeah I know I am going a bit overboard here, but, yeah, it was that good. I want to make that a regular in my beer consumption and I wonder how it will hold up in a growler. Good to the last drop, it was it was a Perfect Stout.

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