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Beer ActivistsThe $52 billion buyout of of Anheuser-Busch by InBev has grabbed a lot of headlines lately and highlights just how big the business of beer is. But, 97% of beer in this country is made by 3% of the breweries. This creates a marketplace in which the little guys have a hard time competing, even though they are generally the ones making the best beer. is trying to even the playing field.

The goal of Support Your Local Brewery is to support small, independent and traditional brewers’ efforts to secure fair legislative and regulatory treatment…

Just as the American colonists rallied to defend a fledgling nation, creating the “Minuteman Militia”, we believe by mobilizing consumers who are passionate about beer and enjoy the diverse and unique beers offered by small breweries into a unified and energized movement we can effectively send a message to state and federal lawmakers: Small brewers deserve fair and equitable treatment under the law!

If ever there was a cause worth fighting for, this is it! So head over to and become a Beer Activist by signing up for their E-Action Alert, see what beer-related legislation is being discussed in your state, contact your legislators, and tell your friends. It doesn’t cost you anything but not doing anything can potentially cost a lot.

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