Tank explodes at Abita brewery

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An early morning explosion ripped a hole in the roof of the Abita Brewing Company in Abita Springs Louisiana. While being cleaned, a tank became over-pressurized.

The 1:30 blast blew through the roof of the brewery, shattered windows and left debris strewn through a nearby trailer park and was heard two miles to the south along Harrison Avenue, said Capt. Matt Huddleston, with St. Tammany Parish’s 12th Fire Protection District.

Thankfully, no beer was spilled. Oh, and no one was injured either.

“Safety is a first priority at our brewery. Our teams followed safety protocols and as a result no one was injured,? said [Abita Brewing Company president David] Blossman.? ?We apologize if we startled our neighbors or disturbed their sleep.? For 23 years our brewery has been free of any incidents such as this.? With safety as a priority we plan to investigate what happened and implement procedures that continue to improve our safety procedures.?

Check out a picture of the tanks (pre-explosion). It would take a tremendous amount of pressure to blow one of those big boys.

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