Thank You Deschutes Brewery for the Great Artwork

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I know that most breweries pride themselves in the design of their beer labels and artwork. I really have to hand it to Deschutes Brewery with their two recent IPA’s from their Bond Street Series. The artwork shows an investment in the local and an understanding of the social role beer plays in culture. The Hop Henge IPA shows Stonehenge made out of bags of hops. I assume this image is alluding to the Stonehenge replica across the Columbia Gorge in Washington State. For the actual Stonehenge, the stones traveled well over 100 miles before they were set in place. The stones in this image are actually bags of hops that have been carried a similar distance and are the foundation of most Oregon beers. The Red Chair IPA has an image of a red gondola for carrying skiers and snowboards up the mountains near the Deschutes Brewery. Winter sports are extremely popular in this area. Near the chair is a log with a bottle of Deschutes beer and two pint glasses and the setting is a rustic cabin that you might find up in the woods. Deschutes has paired the local activities with the social act of drinking beer, making the two seem as if they go hand in hand…which they do. The images make the beer seem at once monumental while also casual and invested in the quieter, smaller settings.

Needless to say they are beautiful images as well.

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