The Art Of Beer

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As a graphic designer I have always be fascinated with labels especially Beer and Wine labels. I was very interested when I ran across this article at

Halbert, who lives in Fenton, Mo., has made a career out of illustrating beer labels. His work appears on packaging from Anheuser-Busch InBev, MillerCoors and Samuel Adams, so if you’ve had a beer in recent years, you’ve probably owned a piece of Halbert’s art.

Halbert specializes in scratchboard, a technique where the artist etches black-and-white images into a clay board, giving an old-time, engraved-wood appearance. Breweries’ design firms hire him to draw wheat strands or hop vines or malted grains for labels, packaging and advertisements. read full article here

I did a quick google search and found his website? take a look and next time you drink a beer maybe Michael Halbert drew it

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