We have suggested a few gifts for beer lovers in the past but DrinkCraftBeer.com has taken the time and trouble to put together a very comprehensive 2008 Holiday Gift Guide for the Beer Lover in Your Life that is worth checking out.

Have a beer lover in your life, or are you one yourself? We here at DrinkCraftBeer.com know it can be hard picking out just the right gift, especially if the person you’re trying to give to loves craft beer. Well, to help you out, we’re put together a great list of holiday gifts for every budget that we’ve personally picked out for this season. A lot of these we use ourselves, so you know you can trust them.

Also, you Craft Beer Drinkers, remember to give this Craft Beer Gift Guide to your girlfriend (or boyfriend), your wife (or husband), your mom/dad and anybody else that might be getting you a gift. Make sure you get exactly what you want. Trust us, they’re pulling their hair out trying to get you something great, so give them a hand!

Now, onto the gifts! We’ve broken it up into categories for you, so that you can easily find exactly what you want:

Beer of the Month Clubs
Home Brewing
Home Brewing Books: How-to & Recipes
Craft Beer Glassware
Craft Beer Books
Beer Magazine Subscription: Homebrewing and Craft Beer
Beer Apparel
Miscellaneous Craft Beer Gifts

Nice work, guys!


  1. Hey Chris, glad you guys liked the guide! Honestly, I just wanted to put some links together to send to some family members to make it easy for them (and to make sure I got some decent Christmas gifts)… Then I got a bit carried away after I figured a lot of other people are probably having the same problem. So, hopefully people find this useful! Thanks for posting this up.


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