The BEERiodic table of elements

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What do you get when a high school chemistry teacher (science geek) and a homebrewer (beer geek)? The BEERiodic table of elements, of course.

The table looks just like the table of elements you had to memorize in high school but instead of chemical data for each element, beer-related information is substituted. For example Be stands for Beryllium on a normal table of elements, but on the BEERiodic table is stands for Beamish Irish Stout, which is a dry stout brewed by Beamish and Crawford in Corkm Irland.

The BEERiodic table is sold as a poster ($10) or t-shirt ($15-20) and can be ordered from the site,

Warning: The home page, and some internal pages, contains a flash video with sound that pops up over the content. If you are in the office, you may want to turn the volume before visiting the site.

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