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Lifesize Bender replica with a fermenter in his belly
Life-size Bender replica with a fermenter in his belly

What do you get when you cross a super-creative, Futurama-lovin’ hacker with a beer lover? You get a life-size replica of Bender, everyone’s favorite “foul mouthed, cigar smoking, booze drinking, shiny metal [assed], bending robot,” that is also a fermenter for your home brew and talks as well! (Yes, that’s the TARDIS behind Bender. He built that as well.)

Simon Jansen was inspired by an episode of Futurama, “The Route of all Evil,” in which Fry and Leela brew beer inside of Bender. He even built a replica of the remote control used in another episode that signals the brain, built with a 6502 Commodore processor naturally, to make Bender talk and his antenna light up. If you want to build your own Bender Beer Brewer, he gives very detailed instructions, including circuit diagrams on his site, though this is not a simple weekend project by any means.

The fermenter in Bender’s belly is a 5 gallon plastic fermenter that I suspect is part of the Cooper’s home brew kit that Brant is reviewing, or something similar.

While you are poking around Jansen’s site, don’t miss the ASCII animation tribute to Star Wars on the home page. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

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