The pedal-powered pub

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The PedalPub at a parade
The PedalPub at a parade

Imagine cruising around town with up to 15 of your best buds, drinking beer in an open-air mobile pub. Sounds pretty cool, right? Unless you’re one of the schmucks that has to pedal the entire time.

That’s the concept behind PedalPub. It’s basically a big, four wheel bicycle (quadcycle?) with a bar. Five of the bar stools have pedals which the patrons use to power the mobile pub. There are also 5 seats which do not have pedals (I call shotgun!) and space in the middle for a bartender.

The PedalPub is located in Minneapolis and can be rented for $125-$150 per hour. They supply the (sober) driver and you supply the booze and pedal power. Here’s a video of it in action:


PedalPub is the “sole distributor for the PedalPub in North America, Central America and the Caribbean” but as far as I can tell the one in Minneapolis is the only one in the US. They are apparently looking for people to franchise the PedalPub in the US. The original PedalPub is in the Netherlands.

They have a Flickr gallery with lots of pics.

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