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According to Wikipedia, “There are approximately 57,500[4] public houses in the United Kingdom, with at least one in almost every city, town and village. In many places, especially in villages, a pub can be the focal point of the community, playing a complementary role to the local church in this respect. The writings of Samuel Pepys describe the pub as the heart of England and the church as its soul.

Public houses are culturally and socially different from places such as caf?s, bars, bierkellers and brewpubs.

“Public houses” or Pubs are social places where people gather, consume alochol, smoke and discuss and debate the latest topics of the day. Beerutopia’s Pub is traditional in every sense of the word with one major exception, “our community is global and we are the first Pub on the Internet”. Traditionally the owner or tennant of the public house was called the publican. Regulars or locals were the people who drank there frequently. Now a good Pub has rules and we are no exception:

1) No Foul language

2) No firearms

3) Closed During Mass

Generally the first two rules are guidelines but the third one is hard and fast. Look for times the pub is open and join us: Sunday Evenings @ 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 PM Central Pour yourself a pint or other libation, light a smoke and join in for some lively discourse on the days topics. The more the merrier! Cheers. We need to name the pub and I propose.

The? Anchor

This signifies our nautical heritage as well as the anchor represents hope. What is your input?

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