Today’s funny: 11 failed beer styles

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This gave me a chuckle so I thought I would share. Courtesy of those crazy but talented writers at Woot!, 11 Failed Beer Styles:

  1. Gruel Stout
  2. Twice-Baked Lager
  3. Turbo-Pilsner
  4. Steam Beer That Is Still Really Hot
  5. Stale Ale
  6. Dry-Humped APA
  7. Luxembourg Gray
  8. Lambicarbonate of Soda
  9. Insect Pale Ale
  10. Bud Light With Brown Food Coloring Irish Stout
  11. Hefvergn?gen

I think my favorite is Dry-Humped APA. I’ve been considering trying dry-hopping my next home brew but now I’m not so sure.

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