Uno Chicago Grill?s Second Ever Cask Event

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Uno Chicago Grill in Metuchen, NJ had their second ever cask event on Saturday, March 28th, 2009. It was a pay as you go event hosted by Brew Master Mike Sella and staff . The event was a good one. The beers I had from the list were pretty decent. Smaller scale events like are very good. It was a pay-per-glass event and everything was at a great price point.

The head brewer took a minute to talk to us, and when we had questions about what we were drinking. It was a great event, a nice event to start off the spring. This was a style of event I would definitely like to do again .

?You must try everything once to discover what you want to try again.? But I only tasted 5 beers at the event. The first beer I had was the Yards Brawler(oak aged). It was a ruby mild with low alcohol, aged with oak chip and dry hopped. It had a decent smoked, woody body .

The second beer was by Uno?s. It was the Station House Red and it was a session beer and that you had to let work. It had fruity notes, but it was also dry hopped. That added an extra dimension to it. I got to try the beer as it?s normally served also, much better casked.

The third beer I had the Captain Lawrence Smoked Porter. It was a stoutish dark chocolate porter with coffee hint, but lacked unique flavor. It was a good example of the style but did not have any individuality to it.

The fourth beer I had was the Yards Philly Pale Ale (dry hopped). There were apricot flavors that smacked you around. It was a very fruity example that I re-dubbed ?Fruity Pal Ale? or ?FPA.? I also had a little of the Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale it was a light and fruity ale. It would make a nice summer beer.

The final lineup consisted of:

From other Various Brewers from the Northeast the were:

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