Utopians invade Europe!

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We began our trip in London, where thankfully, they speak English! A whirlwind day and a half with the Changing of the Guards, Crown Jewels, Piccadilly Circus and bad dental hygiene. A two hour train ride through the Chunnel brought us to Paris where all but the most dedicated beer drinker (Linda) took a break from the hops and enjoyed the French wine on the Champs Elysees.

We all recommend imbibing after climbing the 600+ stairs of the Eiffel Tower as partaking beforehand can make the ascent difficult! Next we climbed on an overnight train to Munich, Germany where we shared a compartment with two unsuspecting Korean students who we tried not to bother too much. Munchen, as the Germans call it, was definitely a beer drinker?s paradise. Even a bike tour through the city included a stop for a liter of beer in the city?s famed Englischer Garten.

Of course we went for dinner at one of the cities oldest beer halls: the Hofbrauhaus, where we sang the traditional drinking songs over plates of bratwurst and sauer kraut. Next we were on to Luzerne, Switzerland for some yodeling atop Mt. Pilatus. We took a quick trip over to Interlaken and enjoyed a day of canyoning, which entailed wriggling ourselves into wetsuits only God knows how many other people have had on and then jumping, rappelling, and climbing through a canyon filled with 55 degree water. Do we know how to have fun, or what?

Having survived that, we hopped our second overnight train to Florence (Firenze), Italy. There we pondered why Michelangelo?s feet were so out of proportion whilst Linda and Jennifer enjoyed Italy?s great contribution to beer: Peroni. We took a side trip for the obligatory photo of us holding up the leaning tower of Pisa and caught a great Italian soccer match between Empoli and Livorno.

A short train ride, followed by the world?s most frightening taxi ride brought us to Roma where we all enjoyed unbelievable amounts of pasta. In Rome we visited the Spanish Steps, Colosseum, and the Trevi Fountain. We saw the Pope at Vatican City (Jen?s highlight) during his regular Wednesday audience and marveled at the Sistine Chapel before hopping a flight back to London where we enjoyed dinner and the house beer at Harrod?s department store. We hit the sack to prepare for our 7 am flight back to the states to end our 16 day adventure in Europe.
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