Someone mentioned Marmite on Twitter and I was not sure what it was and lookedit up on Wikipedia Interesting enough it is a spread made from yeast extract, a by-product of beer brewing I can not find here so I do not know what it taste like, I hear there was even a Guinness Marmite. So if you have had UK Marmite or it Australian competing brand Veggimite let us know how it tastes.


  1. Marmite is marketed as being the archetypal “love it or hate it” taste experience that divides people into one of the two camps – those who find it addictively delicious and those who find it utterly disgusting.

    It’s VERY strong, oddly beefy, and is typically eaten on hot, buttered toast. Also, for a what is effectively a waste product, it’s very expensive.

  2. Yes, we stock if off an on at our stores. I am in the hate category. The smell is very off putting. I am told it is big in Australia and is eaten like peanut butter.

  3. Marmite is an “old-favourite” in the UK.
    It’s spread very thinly on buttered toast, or used to liven-up sandwiches (ham or cheese etc)
    I would describe it as very savoury, if that makes any sense, and it’s horrible if you spread it too thick.
    Apparently it’s got a lot of vitamins and stuff, very nutritious.

    I’m deffo in the love camp though. 🙂

  4. I’m an aussie, & as mentioned before vegimite is very popular here. It is probably the most popular spread for toast, where it is spread thinly over thick margarine or butter. Vegimite is also popular on crackers & any kind of savoury health food biscuits that might go well with cheese. It can also be used as a stock in stews & to add flavour to rissoles or hamburgers. It is high in vitamin B & a great hangover cure.

    It’s very salty & strong, & in my opinion much better then marmite which i have also tried & can’t eat. It’s an aquired taste i guess, but i would recomend everyone to try it, just remember less is definately more until you get used to it!

  5. I’m from South Africa and Marmite is really popular there as well as Bovril which is similar but beef based. It is available in the US but it’s pretty expeensive. I’ve seen it at WorldMarket and I buy my Marmite from The African Hut.

    @Bec: that’s funny a couple of my friends who went to Australia said they hated Vegimite

  6. I’m guessing that this is a US website. If it was a UK website everyone would know what marmite was. It’s a household name in the UK. The best way to describle Marmite would be that it’s a bit like, when you roast a joint of meat and root vegetables in the oven, the black stickey stuff that you scrape off of the roasting tray. It’s salty and v strong tasting.
    Vegimite is sort of similiar and if you go the New Zealand you can get Marmite, but it’s sweet.

  7. Just thought I’d share an interesting Marmite fact.

    My brother was telling me that there’s a bylaw where he lives, that if someone is found to have left butter from a dirty knife in the Marmite jar, it’s legal to flog them in the street.

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