What is the culture of beer?

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The tagline of this blog is Tap into the culture of beer, but what is the culture of beer? This is something we pondered as we considered dedicating a blog to the subject. After all, what is the point of a blog dedicated to something you can’t define?

As it turns out, defining beer culture is not easy. It may be because beer is the oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage on the planet, but there seems to be many opinions on the culture that surrounds our favorite drink. I don?t think there is anything wrong with that; not everyone likes the same kind of beer so why should the experience enjoying beer be the same for everyone?

Some people take great pleasure in making their own beer and the craftsmanship and creativity that goes into making this ancient beverage, much like a gourmet cook enjoys making a fine meal. Others have no interest in making it but enjoy drinking different styles and savoring the endless combinations of colors, aromas, and flavors that make each beer unique. Of course, there are those who are obsessed with ?breweriana,? the collecting of beer bottles, cans, and other beer-related objects. The social aspect can?t be ignored either; for some, an evening at the local brewpub, enjoying a microbrew and good conversation, both of which are unique to that specific space and time, is about the closest one can come to Utopia on Earth.

The culture of beer is as varied and magical as the process of combining malt, hops, yeast, and water to create a potion worth savoring. So raise a glass of your favorite brew and toast your fellow beer lovers around the world. We are as diverse and wonderful as the culture itself.

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