Thinking about the Dream Brewery, there seems to be an infinite number of details that must be addressed when it comes to the actual pub.  What beer do we serve? How many beers should we have available? Should we have other beers on tap or just our own? What kind of food should we serve? What should the atmosphere or ambiance be like? Modern? Old world? German/English/Irish?

It would be great if we could visit brewpubs all over the world to see what we like but since we can’t, we going to crowdsource it. In the comments, tell us about your favorite pub. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a brewpub. It would be nice if you include a link to a website if it exists.

My favorite is Portneuf Valley Brewing in downtown Pocatello, ID. It’s a tiny little pub in a tiny little town but it is one of my favorite places in the world. They have about 8 beers on tap, 7 regulars and 1 seasonal. It’s amazing that this little brewery puts our so many different beers. You can see the beers and a video tour of the brewery on their (newly remodeled) website. They also have exceptional food which is simple but fresh, made from scratch, and tasty. They offer free wi-fi, live music on the weekends, and nice upscale hole-in-the-wall atmosphere.

So that’s my favorite. What’s yours?


  1. Serve only your own beers as a matter of course. Then if there is an opportunity to do something special, an event of some sort, feature other Craft/Micro Brews.

  2. My favorite brewpub was the Dilworth Brewing Company in Charlotte, NC mostly due to the family name. However sadly, it closed before I was even able to partake. Now I am not sure. I do know that in my dream brewpub, while I and everyone would appreciate a great craft brew, some domestic staples are slightly required. I have sparked some of the best nights by enjoying something as simple as a PBR and having a group of old timeys seeing me with it and ordering a good old Pabst themselves and what follows is an awesome night of reminiscing and storytelling. I like the atmosphere/structure of the Hunter Gatherer here in Columbia, SC it has that old world feel inside with exposed wood beams, it just feels solid and safe. I think ideally I would have four house brew taps, one of those reserved for a seasonal, two or three with craft brews(cycling) and an assortment of domestics only in bottles/cans. Stage for music/trivia is a must. The menu would be a balance of heavy meal type plates with appetizers meant for popping, I guess that’s always the golden mean. No matter how popular it gets, I would always reserve and advertise for a night set aside for low house music and just meant for talking and gathering for communication or even be a book worm with a taste for a good brew, not meant to drowned anything out . Kind of a coffee house atmosphere night.

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