What is your favorite brewpub and why?

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Thinking about the Dream Brewery, there seems to be an infinite number of details that must be addressed when it comes to the actual pub.? What beer do we serve? How many beers should we have available? Should we have other beers on tap or just our own? What kind of food should we serve? What should the atmosphere or ambiance be like? Modern? Old world? German/English/Irish?

It would be great if we could visit brewpubs all over the world to see what we like but since we can’t, we going to crowdsource it. In the comments, tell us about your favorite pub. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a brewpub. It would be nice if you include a link to a website if it exists.

My favorite is Portneuf Valley Brewing in downtown Pocatello, ID. It’s a tiny little pub in a tiny little town but it is one of my favorite places in the world. They have about 8 beers on tap, 7 regulars and 1 seasonal. It’s amazing that this little brewery puts our so many different beers. You can see the beers and a video tour of the brewery on their (newly remodeled) website. They also have exceptional food which is simple but fresh, made from scratch, and tasty. They offer free wi-fi, live music on the weekends, and nice upscale hole-in-the-wall atmosphere.

So that’s my favorite. What’s yours?

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