Will homebrewers become reality TV stars?

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Red White & BrewedThese days there is a realty TV show for just about everything: dancers, daters, mechanics, celebrity C-listers, comedians, businesspeople, fishermen, etc. So why not make a realty TV show about homebrewers? Better yet, make it a competition and the winner becomes the Head Bewmaster for a new brewery.

That’s the concept behind Red White & Brewed.

We?re going to do something that has never been done before; by building a brand from the ground up via television, and perhaps more importantly, by offering the opportunity of a lifetime to one special amateur/homebrewer. The American Dream, personified. Red White & Brewed will provide a platform for the cast members to show the world that they?re the most talented at their craft, and also that they possess the experience, temperament, and judgment necessary to be the face of our brand.

At the site you can vote on?audition?videos and submit your own. The producers are currently looking for a network and are in “active discussions with some of the most watched network and cable television players in the industry.” I hope a network picks them up. This is actually a reality TV show I would watch.

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