Would you drink Kid Rock beer?

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Kid Rock is a reflection of great American rock-and-roll music and the American spirit, and we think we can create a beer in that same image. ? There is no question in our mind that people will try a beer that Kid Rock will stand by and when they like it, a great and incredibly valuable trademark will be created.

That comes from Drinks Americas Holdings Ltd. which is currently looking for a brewer to make the beer. It’s interesting that they would come up with the marketing before the beer. Do you think there’s any chance this will be a full-flavored craft beer rather than an fizzy yellow industrial beer-drink clone? Yeah, I don’t think so either.

At least there is little chance it will be vitamin-enhanced “smart” beer. What’s with the musician-turned-beer-pimp trend anyway? Who’s next Britney Spears?

Update: Apprently Drinks Americas has done this kind of thing before, having created “Trump? Super Premium Vodka, Willie Nelson’s six-year-old, Old Whiskey River Bourbon, Newman’s Own Lightly Sparkling Fruit Juices, and Dr. Dre Cognac.”

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